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Term & Conditions Page


We are a dealer for 40 plus brands and thousands of products, so we can sell you whatever is on our site and even more that is not on the site. BUT!!! It may not always be easy to keep up with the daily inventory. So, Purchasing a product on our site does not mean you will be shipped that product 100%. No, you will never lose money, but there are cases where our supplier, who sells hundreds of products on a daily basis, and sells out of the product that you just purchased. If this is the case at any time, we will give you the option of a refund, or place that product on a backorder, in which you would receive that product immediately when the product is back in the warehouse. We receive products into the warehouse on a weekly basis, but the exact products are never guaranteed. We can only give you an estimate of when we will receive any certain products. Any further questions, we ask you to email us so we can respond promptly.

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