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About Us

About us

RC Grounds is a small business made up of over 50 brands and over a thousand products.
Not every product is on the site yet, but feel free to ask for availability and we will be
happy to let you know if we carry it. The idea for RC Grounds came around 2016 while me, the
Visionary behind RC Grounds was enjoying the cars and trucks hobby at the time. Having Served
in the Marines 99-2003 I needed to find a hobby after serving during 911. The only thing that
kept my attention at that time was the RC Hobby. The fun you have with them, to building,
to fixing, and just the learning and time you put into these captivated me.

I was always a Aviation fan and had big dreams to become a pilot, but turns out becoming
an RC pilot came much more natural for me. I began flying, while driving cars, trucks,
crawlers, boats, motorcycles, helicopters, and more! As many of us in this hobby, well...
It got waaaaaaaaaay out of hand. Eventually my room was filled with RC products, then my garage,
then I had to buy extra space to store everything! I know some of you have this same problem.

This brings me to my next point. With all the fun I was having, I did a lot of reasearch and
saw the need for certain things such as a site where you could buy new products, but also buy, sell
trade, used products. Yes an all in one site for not only the business, but for the enthusiasts also!
We have incorporated all that right here in one spot. And if you are a business, once
approved, you can sell your products here on the site also. So RC Grounds can sell, businesses
can sell, and even the enthusiasts/customers. Its an all in one we saw needed a revamp in the
RC space.

We have many plans to make this space better in many aspects. One step at a time, so let's start
with what we have right in front of you. A year of on and off development, with years of visions on how
I should build this site. We are always opened to ideas, so feel free to send us an email. We will
continue to help, advocate for everyone of you in this wonderful RC Hobby. We are members of multiple
organizations including AMA and AMA Coalition, so just know that we are here not only for the business,
but we are here to support you, the Hobbyist / Enthusiast 100%. If we can help in any way,
be a voice for you please reach out.

We will be having contests, secret giveaways, and Golden Tickets deals at various times, so please
visit us often to see our updates. Please give us some time to continue to update our site with products.
We literally have thousands and we are adding things as often as possible. We appreciate you visting our site
and if you read all this, thank you, we appreciate you. We look forward to serving you during our journey here
at RC Grounds. And we hope our vision exceeds your expectations.

Ed Q
RC Grounds