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Golden Ticket Rules

Golden Ticket is an ongoing giveaway. We know it’s going to sound too good to be true, but trust me, it's why we started this business. We want to put smiles on the faces of everyone in the RC world!

Golden ticket works just like our classic movie Willy Wonka. You buy products, and someone will win a Golden Ticket inside their box. With this Golden ticket, you automatically win your purchased product, and we refund your purchase price minus the shipping. So yes, you pay for your shipping, but we pay for your product. Can't beat that anywhere on the internet.

If your package contains more than one purchased product, we will refund the most expensive product you bought. NOT ALL OF THE PRODUCTS. This is for your most expensive product only. Can't get any better than. that!. Anywhere!


1) 2 ways to win!

A) Purchase anything from our site, at any time. So, any products sitewide qualify. This means someone will simply be randomly picked at any given time. A Golden Ticket will be inserted into their box before shipping. When you receive this Golden Ticket, simply follow the rules on the ticket to redeem.

B) If there are specific APPROVED products, you will find them in the Golden Ticket Tab right here. They will have a category and countdown. Each category has its own countdown timer, typically a 7-30 day countdown. Pick a product within one of those categories. Example, boats, airplanes, crawlers, cars, etc. Pick a product that you already were going to purchase, or that you have interest in. We DO NOT make you purchase a product or a specific product to have a chance to win. This is simply if you are already going to purchase, then purchase from us, with the chance to win that product FREE. If you purchase more than one, that means you have more than one chance at a Free product. Once the countdown is up, one customer will be randomly picked for the Golden Ticket. REMEMBER, it costs us money to do this, but our thoughts are, rather than spend thousands on marketing, we will use that money to give you a Golden Ticket! :)

So, to clarify

The first way to win, simply do what you’re already doing and purchase whatever products whenever you want. This is a random placement of a Golden Ticket. And second is ONLY for approved products. When we have approved products, you can choose whatever products in those categories for a chance to get a Golden Ticket. Those products WILL have a countdown timer to show how long that deal is available. After the countdown is over, a random customer will be picked if they purchased within the given deal.

2) Winning that product is not the only chance to win. Hold onto that Golden Ticket because we will have FREE giveaways for Golden Ticket holders. We will announce when those take place. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY for the Golden Ticket holders' Free giveaways.

3) Last thing, all winners will be posted to the website and possibly other areas such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. We would appreciate a picture of you holding the product and maybe just a sentence or two so we can showcase you and every winner to everyone. A picture of you is optional, but however you want to do it, a picture of your item is what we need at minimum along with a small review. Thank you

Any further questions please send questions to support@rcgrounds.com